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Mary Rush Gravelle

Brianna Rush-Mary Rush Gravelle

Sedona, AZ


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Mary Rush Gravelle: Painter in Acrylic and Mixed-media, Digital Artist

A very warm welcome and hello!
Are you looking for something to remind you of the beauty that life offers? Are you looking for a special visual representation that mirrors the beauty within you that perhaps you have forgotten? Are you aware of how colorless your life and surroundings have become? Do you want to add some color, beauty, sparkle, and pizzaz to your life?

Well, then, you've come to the right place! This is your go to place for inspiration, of beauty being reflected back to you, reminding you of your inner sanctuary that offers peace, love, and acceptance to your divine nature. Pull up a seat and browse awhile. If you feel moved and inspired, order the perfect piece that will help you remember your own beauty, color, and heartfelt divinity within.

Bio and Artist Statement: I am a visual artist living in Sedona, Arizona, where the southwest landscape is awe-inspiring. Since moving to the southwest in 2006, the landscape has been an integral part in my daily life as well as informing my art. There is no finer creator than the original source of it all, God / Goddess. Color, intuition, nature, and energy are sources that create a curiosity large enough to explore on the canvas. Graceful form, shape, and beauty soothe me. Angular juxtapositions and vibrant color excite me. Portraying realism is not important to me. The sway of a tree branch, the rich colors of a sunset, the bold red of a fire hydrant, or the angular shapes formed by rooftops, these are some of the things that intrigue and inform my art.

Let me know how I can help you.


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